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Bright Colors and Brilliant Tone Highlight the 2018 Road Show Exclusives

Taylor Guitar Line - Road Show

As passionate guitar makers, there’s no better feeling than the moment when we get to put one of our instruments in the hands of an excited player. It’s an even cooler feeling when the guitar is one that you can’t find anywhere else. That’s why we tour the country for our award-winning Taylor Road Shows, where our factory staff and guitar experts demonstrate the wide variety and musical capabilities of the Taylor line. Each year, our designers cook up a set of exclusive models that only appear at Road Shows and are available for purchase in limited quantities at the events.

For a schedule of Road Shows, check our Events page. Here are the exclusive models we’ll be touring with this year.

GS Mini-e FS LTD Guitar

The GS Mini guitar has become overwhelmingly popular since we introduced it in 2010, and it’s always fun to try out new configurations of this compact, full-voiced guitar. This year we’ve built two new models, starting with a figured, layered sapele version that incorporates one of our most versatile tonewoods. Comprised of two layers of sapele around a poplar core, the GS Mini-e FS LTD guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top that brings a splash of brilliance and a dynamic voice for an articulate, responsive sound. An outer layer of figured sapele adds an appealing visual complexion while the layered construction helps the guitar maintain strength and stability against changes in humidity, making this a reliable guitar to accompany you on any musical journey.

GS Mini-e FW LTD Guitar

This second limited edition GS Mini-e guitar features figured walnut back and sides, lending a striking visual aesthetic to this punchy, well-balanced guitar. Like all GS Mini models, the walnut variety features surprising projection and volume, enough to suit a campfire jam, band practice, or studio session. These GS Mini guitar models include our proprietary ES-B pickup, which includes a digital tuner with volume and tone controls, and both come with a Taylor Mini padded gig bag.

712ce 12-Fret LTD Guitar

Blackwood can be a fun material for us to work with, so for this Road Show limited release, we decided to seize the opportunity to add this stunning tonewood from Tasmania to this Road Show Grand Concert model. Paired with a torrefied Sitka spruce top, these richly variegated sets of blackwood produce a dry, yet warm midrange, layered with overtones that add depth and high-end sparkle. The torrefaction process brings a touch of aged-in sweetness, and the result is a nuanced sound that responds as well to a soft touch as aggressive strumming. The 12-fret configuration alters both the feel and sound of the guitar—the handfeel on the neck is surprisingly relaxed, and the shifted bridge opens up more headroom and warmth in the midrange. Ebony binding and trim with mother-of-pearl inlays add striking visual contrast to this artfully crafted instrument, which comes with a deluxe hardshell case.

T5z Pro LTD (Aged Cherry or Grapevine) Guitar

For this year’s round of Road Show exclusives, we couldn’t resist adding a bit of electric charm to the lineup. These two special-edition T5z Pro LTDs guitar feature all of the versatile, shapeshifting sonic power of our hybrid series, plus two dazzling finish options that set these guitars apart from the crowd. Our proprietary triple-threat pickup system incorporates an acoustic body sensor and two humbuckers to combine for an eclectic mix of sounds. A five-way switching system allows you to shape your tone with incredible precision, providing a wide array of warm acoustic notes and searing electric power. These two models are each built from sapele bodies with quilted maple tops, which are finished off with one of two color options. The fiery Aged Cherry finish blends a dark red edge stain with a bright core, while the Grapevine option incorporates a mysterious violet hue faded over the top of the guitar, each striped with the distinct figuring of quilted maple. Both models come with deluxe hardshell cases.