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Guitar Spotlight: Taylor 327e Acoustic Guitar

Meet the latest addition to the Taylor family, sibling to the 317e acoustic guitar and the newest Grand Pacific model to hit stores.

327e Acoustic Guitar Features

The Grand Pacific has already made waves in the music world with the classic, seasoned tone that comes from its round-shoulder dreadnought design. It’s a step into a new kind of acoustic tone for Taylor, a warmer, more blended sound in which notes overlap and interact with one another to form a cohesive, resonant whole.

Now, guitarists have another option in the Grand Pacific family, a 327e acoustic guitar featuring back and sides of solid Tasmanian blackwood and a solid mahogany top. Blackwood’s tonal muscle is a perfect fit with the dreadnought-esque body shape, delivering a punchy midrange and plenty of room-filling power. A hardwood mahogany top takes the place of spruce here, offering that tonewood’s natural compression effect to the mix to round off any sharp sonic edges and produce a smooth, rich tone that maintains clarity and balance even with greater low-end power. 

Specs and appointments for the 327e include:

  • Grand Pacific body shape
  • Back and sides of solid Tasmanian blackwood
  • Top of solid mahogany
  • V-Class bracing
  • ES2 electronics
  • Satin finish w/ shaded edgeburst top
  • Black pickguard
  • Satin black tuners

327e Acoustic Guitar In Action

V-Class bracing forms the backbone of this new Grand Pacific, creating a more orderly vibration pattern for the mahogany top that helps this guitar produce stunning volume and long-lasting sustain. Mahogany’s fundamental-strong character makes this guitar dynamically player-reflective—the note you play is the note you’ll hear, so you’ll come through at the front of any mix in live or recording situations. Blackwood’s high volume ceiling also means you have plenty of headroom to work with, so when you dig into the 327e looking for power, you’re sure to find enough to turn heads in any size venue. The Grand Pacific shape adds extra presence in the lower frequencies, but without the woofiness that can occlude those tones in other big-bodied guitars, so the guitar’s entire range is warm like a dreadnought, articulate like a Grand Auditorium, and as musical as any guitar we’ve ever built.

The 327e is Great For…

Any player seeking the traditional, vintage-hued tone offered by the dreadnought style will likely be drawn to the 327e and its mix of classic warmth with inimitable Taylor clarity. Strummers and bandleaders will especially dig this model, though the mahogany top makes it a great choice for solo instrumentalists as well.