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March Staff Picks: Rosewood Riot

It’s time for another round of our monthly staff picks, where we ask folks from the across Taylor team to share their thoughts on their favorite Taylor models. This month’s staff picks, rosewood reigns supreme, with three out of four staffers selecting guitars made with rosewood backs and sides—unsurprising, given rosewood’s warm, lush tone and high-end sparkle.

Ryan Merrill - Marketing - Staff Picks

“The look and sound of the Grand Pacific 327e give me everything I’m looking for. The wood pairing complimented by the dark accessories made this the first guitar I wanted to grab off the wall, and it has the killer sound to back it up! I’ve found my new go-to guitar for everything from my couch to the stage.”
Ryan Merrill – Marketing

I like an acoustic that’s comfortable to hold and play while sitting on the edge of the couch. The Builder’s Edition 717 WHB does it for me. It has a full voice with a scoop in the mids, which leaves a perfect place for vocals to live. The Wild Honey Burst over the torrefied spruce top gives it the look of an old soul while the modern build features assure you’ve got a sturdy companion that almost plays itself.
Glen Wolff – Customer Service

Megan Younce - Sales - Staff Picks

I love the new 214ce Plus! The narrow nut makes it easier for my small hands to play. The layered rosewood back and sides with the glossy finish make it pretty to look at too, which doesn’t hurt.
Megan Younce – Sales

The 110e is an incredibly versatile instrument for both beginners and pros alike. It packs a vintage punch with a modern feel in the studio and works fantastic in a live setting. Because of its durable construction and the fact that it’s not too precious, I’m never worried about packing it in the car and taking it with me wherever I’m going.
Jay Parkin – Marketing & Podcast Host