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Bob Taylor Launches Stella Falone Ebony Kitchenware Line with Cutting Boards

Bob Taylor Launches Stella Falone Ebony Kitchenware Line with Cutting Boards

Expanding on the growing success of the Ebony Project, Bob Taylor is excited to announce a new line of premium kitchenware products made exclusively from ethically sourced West African ebony that’s processed at our mill in Cameroon.

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Ever since Taylor Guitars became the co-owner of the Crelicam ebony mill in Cameroon back in 2011, we’ve worked to improve supply chain practices for ebony as a tonewood (used for the fretboard and bridge of every Taylor guitar). Along the way, we’ve transformed the mill’s wood processing capability, reducing waste and ensuring that the local communities in Cameroon reap the financial and ecological benefits of their native natural resource. At the same time, we’re striving to manage these precious ecosystems in a more sustainable manner, replanting thousands of ebony, fruit, and medicine trees in the Cameroonian rainforest.

Stella Falone, named for two of the women at the heart of the Crelicam operation, produces beautiful, professional-quality ebony cutting boards featuring the same wood we use in the fretboards and bridges of our guitars. Each reversible board is visually distinct, with both sides displaying a variation of ebony’s gorgeous striping and wood grain. No additional wood is cut to produce these boards; instead, pieces are selected that don’t quite fit the specifications for other instrument components. This allows the mill to create more value with existing wood, which helps support the livelihood of the mill’s employees and their families.

At this time, Stella Falone offers these stunning kitchen centerpieces in small and large sizes, both featuring a durable cross-grain construction that prevents warping or cracking. Ebony’s density and strength makes it a natural choice for cutting boards, as it’s hard enough to withstand frequent chopping and cutting without sustaining marks or damaging your knives.

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