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A Guitar Presentation to Cameroon

On Tuesday, January 15, representatives of the diplomatic and cultural communities of Cameroon gathered for a formal recognition of Crelicam S.A.R.L. and its work in local, responsible forestry. Business partners Bob Taylor and Vidal de Teresa of Madinter Trade presented the Ministry of Arts and Culture, the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, the Embassy of Spain, and the U.S. Embassy each with a Crelicam-branded 314ce guitar, which included a dedication message to the people of Cameroon. The Taylor 314ce model was viewed as a fitting choice since the sapele used for the back and sides is native to West Africa, while the ebony is from the Crelicam mill in Cameroon.

The event was held at the home of Ambassador Robert P. Jackson of the United States, and included notable artists, media and diplomatic representatives. Attendees were treated to a song from Ndedi “Prince” Eyango, who performed using one of the 314ce guitars. Minister of Arts and Culture Ama Tutu Muna (oictured above) commented that she would place her ministry’s guitar on display at the National Museum, which is expected to reopen soon.

While there, Bob took the opportunity to brief guests on recent improvements to the Crelicam mill. For employees, these include clean water and daily lunches, safety equipment and additional training; and for the forests, an unwavering commitment to reducing unnecessary logging waste by using each viable tree. This was a reversal to the past practice of felling trees and only using those featuring pure black ebony, leaving the others to waste on the forest floor.

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