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Acoustic Guitar Maintenance: 5 Tips for Easy Guitar Care

Whether you travel with your acoustic guitars or prefer to play at home, it’s always a good idea to keep your instruments in a safe environment and perform regular maintenance. 

These are our top guitar care tips to keep your guitars sounding, looking and feeling great.

#1: Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Freezing temperatures and those over 105 degrees Fahrenheit can severely damage a guitar, so avoid leaving it in a car on a really cold or hot day. Rapid temperature swings from low to high can cause the finish to crack.

The general rule for temperature is: if you’re comfortable, your guitar will be too.

#2: Control Humidity

Too much humidity can cause swelling and joint separation, while excessive dryness can lead to cracks and warping. 

Use a hygrometer to monitor moisture and a humidifier to maintain a proper level. Aim for a relative humidity of between 40% and 60% for your Taylor guitar. 

#3: Keep it Clean

Wipe down a gloss-finished guitar with a plush microfiber cloth to remove dust, sweat and grime without scratches or finish damage. Restore its original shine with premium Taylor Guitar Polish

Use a suede microfiber cloth and Taylor Satin Guitar Cleaner to clean finger oils, dirt and other marks from a satin-finished guitar. 

#4: Respect the Fretwork

Clean and nourish your guitar’s fretboard without leaving residue by applying a specially formulated fretboard conditioner

Regularly inspect your guitar’s frets for wear, sharp edges or unevenness. Consider professional fret dressing, if needed.

#5: Keep Constant Tabs on Guitar Health

Monitor your guitar in real time to ensure that your instrument is healthy and protected from potentially harmful environmental factors. 

The TaylorSense Guitar Health Monitoring System is a smart battery box equipped with sensing technology that monitors humidity, temperature, battery life and impact incidents. 

Easy to install and operate, provides guitar vital stats at your fingertips

Guitar Player

Using Bluetooth, TaylorSense sends timely alerts and guidance on how to protect your guitar to the free TaylorSense Mobile App, available for iOS and Android. 

The TaylorSense system is a no-brainer if you own a Taylor and are concerned about keeping it in a safe environment.

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Like a Fitbit for your beloved acoustic guitar…

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We offer a variety of TaylorWare guitar care products to help keep your Taylor guitar looking and sounding its best for as long as possible. 

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