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Ask Bob: BTO Dreadnought for Fingerstyle?

Question: I’m saving up for a BTO acoustic and was wondering if you could share your thoughts on the following BTO specs I have in mind from the standpoint of my playing style. Although I play fingerstyle, I tend to go against the fingerstyle standards such as cedar/mahogany in a smaller body like the GA or GC. I happen to like dreadnoughts. Would the Taylor BTO style police be out in full force if I ask for the following: a 6-string, short-scale Dreadnought in ovangkol/Sitka spruce with a Venetian cutaway, 1 7/8-inch neck, with full gloss, ebony headstock (gloss), ebony binding, abalone single-ring rosette with bound soundhole?
Dave Weresin

Answer: No, Dave, the style police would wave you on saying, “This is not the droid we are looking for. Let him pass!” And there you have it.


Thank you for reading.