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Ask Bob: Humidity Control in the Case

Question: For many years I lived where humidifying my instruments was unnecessary. Now I live in the Midwest. I was using Dampits in my Taylors (355, 614ce and 710-L9) and switching an Oasis hygrometer from case to case every few days. Things were pretty consistent. Then I had a conversation with the guy who makes the hygrometer, and he said the accessory compartment makes the headstock area like a completely different case, and so the Dampit does nothing for the headstock area. I know the Planet Waves [Humidipak] has a piece for under the headstock, but the one time I did try that they leaked stuff all over my case. A friend who is a world-class violist says just cut a potato and put it under the headstock. What are your thoughts about the compartment causing a problem, and if it is one, what do you recommend?
Ben Sendrow

Answer: Ben, there is some truth to everything you say and what your friend said. First, let’s start with Humidipaks. They have figured out the leaking problem, so feel free to use them. However, if you like using Dampits, they work very well. If you put them in the body but leave out the plastic soundhole cover, the neck will receive the benefit, even up to the headstock. Your whole case and guitar become one humidity level and tend to equalize together over time. Be sure to leave your case closed when you remove the guitar; that way it won’t be sitting there drying out while you play. So, bottom line, I wouldn’t worry about the two halves of the case. While what your friend says is true, it’s not that severe, and your guitar will be just fine. Don’t put a potato in there. That’s gross. 

Thank you for reading.