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Ask Bob: Musicwood Coalition

Question: It’s been years since Wood&Steel ran the story about Taylor’s relationship with Greenpeace as part of the Musicwood Coalition (Volume 57, fall 2008). How is that relationship going?
Tom Salz
Olathe, KS

Answer: Thanks for the interest, Tom. The Musicwood Coalition disbanded when it became apparent that Sealaska [a Native logging operation and the largest private landowner in Southeast Alaska] wasn’t going to become an FSC-certified forest operation. That was our one and only goal, to persuade and help them achieve that. To be fair, there are complicated reasons why they didn’t, the main one centering on their tribal/corporate land holdings and a proposed bill in Congress to swap some land for other land. The land in question was about 85,000 acres, and without knowing the extent of their land, they felt they could not come up with a management plan. My relationship with Greenpeace had a positive outcome, and it helped me forge relationships with some other wonderful environmental groups as well.

Thank you for reading.