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Ask Bob: SolidBody Neck Finish: Gloss vs. Satin

Question: I have two acoustic Taylors and thought I’d go check out the SolidBody. I love the sound and look and couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to try it out. But once I did, I found it an awful experience. All that shiny gunk on the neck (which makes it pretty) makes it hard to slide your hand up and down the neck. I compared it to several other brands and they all had the same sticky neck. My hands were clean. Can you or will you be offering a neck finish similar to the acoustic product line on the electrics so that the hand slides easier?
John Hazell

Answer: John, yes, some people dig a gloss finish, and others think of it as shiny gunk! But remember, our SolidBody Classics have a maple neck with a satin finish very much like our acoustics. Give them a try. Also, for any of you others reading this who have a gloss-neck guitar and are raising your fist with John in agreement, here’s a tip. Go to the auto care store and buy some nice car wax. Come home and put a nice little wax job on your shiny neck, and your hand will slide freely just like your butt slides off your fender after you wax your car. You learned it here.

Thank you for reading.