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A Guide To Taylor Acoustic Guitar Model Numbers

If you’re new to the Taylor Guitars acoustic guitar line, you might need a little help decoding our model numbering system. We’ve got you covered. The Taylor acoustic guitar model numbers are organized by series, and each series is defined by particular tonewoods and aesthetic details. Below is a quick breakdown of our model numbering system.

Taylor’s acoustic guitars are offered in three model variations:
•    Cutaway body with onboard electronics (e.g., 814ce)
•    Non-cutaway body with onboard electronics (e.g., 814e)
•    Non-cutaway body with no onboard electronics (e.g., 814)

Most Taylor acoustic guitar numbers are organized by series, featuring the 100 through 900 Series, along with our Presentation (PS) and Koa (K) Series.

The first digit (or letter) identifies the series. Most guitar models within each series share the same back and side woods and appointment package.

The second digit designates two things:
1. Whether the guitar is a 6-string or a 12-string
2. Whether the top features a softer tonewood like spruce or cedar, or a hardwood like mahogany or koa.

6-String Guitars
The middle number will be 1 or 2:
516ce = softwood (spruce) top
526ce = a hardwood (mahogany) top

12-String Guitars
The middle number will be 5 or 6:
556ce = a softwood (spruce) top
566ce = a hardwood (mahogany) top

The third digit identifies the body shape according to this numbering system:
0 = Dreadnought (e.g., 810ce)
2 = Grand Concert (e.g., 812ce)
4 = Grand Auditorium (e.g., 814ce)
6 = Grand Symphony (e.g., 816ce)
8 = Grand Orchestra (e.g., 818e)
Cutaway and Electronics
“c” indicates a model with a cutaway
“e” indicates a model with onboard electronics.

Nylon-String Models
Taylor nylon-string models are integrated into the 200-800 Series and are designed by the letter “N” at the end of the model name. For example, a nylon-string Grand Auditorium with a cutaway and electronics within the 800 Series is an 814ce-N.

The Taylor line starts with travel-sized acoustic guitars (Baby Taylor, Big Baby, GS Mini) and moves up in series from there—100 Series through 900 Series, Koa Series, and Presentation Series, based on shapes, tonewoods pairings, and aesthetic appointments. Taylor’s five body shapes are represented across all series, but the tonewood combination (top, back and sides) and appointment variations differ by series.

Another great way to learn more about Taylor guitars, including both our acoustic and electric models, is to attend a Taylor Road Show. Spend time with Taylor’s product experts as they walk you through in detail, each guitar shape and tonewood used in the build process. To find an upcoming Taylor event near you, visit our Events page.

For more information, visit the Taylor Acoustic Guitar Model Numbers page.

Thank you for reading.