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FAQ: Why Does My ES Go Hum?

A constant hum is usually a sign that there is a not a solid ground connection at the amplifier or audio device the guitar is plugged in to. If touching the metal end of the cable or the jack itself makes the noise get quieter or go away completely, you definitely have a grounding problem with your sound system or electrical outlet.

It’s important to remember that when you have proper ground, no ground loops and no electromagnetic interference, there will be no ground noise. The guitar or pickup itself does not create ground noise, it is simply affected by these conditions. Grounding issues can be frustrating and tough to track down, but it’s in your best interest to track down the problem not only for a quiet environment but also for a safe environment. We have an excellent video on our website to educate consumers and help track down the source of ground noise:

If you’re unable to track down the electrical problem, the fused string ground can be installed to help reduce the unwanted noise in certain environments. When installed, your body becomes the path to ground. Touching the strings will quiet down the noise in the same way that touching the jack quiets the noise. Please note the fused string ground is not a fix for a faulty pickup design, it’s a modification that’s available for ungrounded and/or noisy environments.

The fused string ground was developed by Taylor to make the world a safer place for those of us plugging in. Unlike traditional string grounds that connect the string directly to ground on the guitar, Taylor puts a small 10mA fuse in line with that connection. This means that voltage coming up the guitar will blow the fuse and protect the player by disconnecting the strings from ground. This does not cause the electronics in the guitar to shut down, it simply disconnects the strings from being part of the grounding circuit. The Taylor Universal String Ground is available to those who wish to modify their non-Taylor guitars to the safer fused string ground. Part #84923, Universal Fused String Ground, $19.00

For 6 string acoustic guitars, including the GS Mini,  we offer a variation on the Universal String Ground that has the metallic ground plate that gets installed to the underside of the bridge pin plate.

Part #84907, String Ground Fused 6, $22.00

An installation video is available here:  GS Mini “Grounding for ES Go”

Spare fuses are sold in a 2 pack:

Part #84925, Ground Fuse, 10mA (x2) Trimmed, $16.00

Thank you for reading.