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From the Factory Podcast: We’re Planting Trees Now?

This week, Taylor’s From the Factory podcast returns as hosts Cameron and Jay catch up on the latest happenings here in El Cajon and with our partners around the world.

The From the Factory podcast is available through most major streaming services or at the link below.

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First up, we’re joined by Taylor Director of Natural Resource Sustainability Scott Paul, who provides an update on the Ebony Project and other environmental initiatives. In Cameroon, our staff is teaming up with scientists and public officials for the first annual spring planting, where we plan to introduce some 3,000 new trees to the Cameroonian forests. Half of those will be ebony trees, planted to help the forest recover and maintain its population of this critical species, while the other half of the planting will be fruit and medicine trees. These species help increase the biodiversity of the forest and provide essential resources for the local communities that rely on the ecosystem. Scott also talks about Stella Falone, Taylor’s first line of non-guitar products using our high-quality Crelicam ebony. Finally, we hear about an exciting new sustainability program targeting a greater understanding of urban canopies and the issues facing trees in and around American cities.

Next up, Devin Malone stops by the podcast studio during his first week at Taylor. Devin has joined the Taylor team as part of our artist relations staff, working in Nashville to create new partnerships with exciting artists across genres. He chats with Cameron and Jay about his musical history, forging relationships between music brands and artists, and the major shifts taking place in acoustic music. With the landscape of professional music and recording in constant evolution, Devin tackles the new ways artists are creating their work and developing their careers in a challenging music economy, and shares stories from the colorful characters that make Nashville one of the country’s greatest music towns.

Check back soon for the next episode of the Taylor Guitars From the Factory podcast!