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Next Generation: Artists to Watch, Part 1

As we proudly celebrate our fiftieth year of building guitars, we’re not just reflecting on our rich history but also looking ahead to what the future holds. To help kick off the celebration, we collaborated with nine of longstanding Taylor artists, asking them to identify and champion an artist whose work they believe we’ll see over the next 50 years.

Zac Brown Nominates Marcus King

First on the list is Zac Brown. Zac joined our artist family in the 2000s, but his relationship with Taylor goes back to his teen years. Zac bought his first Taylor at 18, an 814ce acoustic-electric guitar that became his trusty workhorse. He gigged six hours a night, six days a week, eventually wearing a hole in the top. Zac knows firsthand what it’s like to work hard in the music industry from a young age, and when we approached him to highlight a young artist, he chose Marcus King. Marcus has been making waves with his soulful voice and masterful guitar skills. A studied musician who blends blues, rock, and Americana, Marcus has Zac’s endorsement as an artist representing the next generation of musicians who defy the constraints of genre.

Ben Harper Nominates Nathan Graham

Seasoned roots music explorer Ben Harper boasts an incredibly deep and diverse musical resume and has covered a lot of musical ground. Ben’s first connection with Taylor came after discovering a rosewood/spruce 810 he liked in a music store. When we introduced Grand Pacific round-shoulder dreadnought body style, Ben added a rosewood/spruce Builder’s Edition 717 and a mahogany/spruce Builder’s Edition 517 to his toolkit. For our 50th Anniversary celebration, Ben handpicked gifted Chicago-based musician Nathan Graham as his nominee. With his eclectic style, Nathan embodies the essence of raw talent and innovation. We agree with Ben that Nathan is set to leave an indelible mark on the music scene for years to come.

Jason Mraz Nominates Daniel Tovar

Jason Mraz, a superstar singer-songwriter with San Diego roots, wraps up this first round of artist nominations. Jason bought his first Taylor used in 1995 and has maintained a strong relationship with Taylor ever since, even working with us to create the Jason Mraz Signature Model guitar. Mraz spotlights Daniel Tovar, an eighth-grader from San Diego whose musical talent transcends his years. Jason and Daniel met at the San Diego Young Artists Music Academy, where Jason volunteers as a teacher and Daniel is a student. Daniel’s collaboration with Mraz underscores his extraordinary potential and is a testament to his gift.

As we wait for the unveiling of more talent in this series, one thing is clear: The future of music is in capable hands. In a constantly evolving world, music serves as a timeless expression of the human experience. Initiatives like this not only celebrate our rich heritage but also embrace the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this journey of music and discovery.