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January Staff Picks: Something for Everyone

It’s officially 2020, and the Taylor Guitars team is excited to start sharing all the exciting new things on the docket for this year. To kick things off, we’ll start with a fresh batch of staff picks. Here’s what members of the Taylor team have been playing lately.

While some folks take coffee breaks at their jobs, with a GS Mini-e Bass by my desk, I take the occasional “bass break.” It’s the ultimate noodling machine and a great source of creative inspiration for me. The string tension and shorter scale make it very inviting and comfortable to sit back with. Despite its smaller size, it still has plenty of acoustic volume to jam away at home or at my desk. – Steve Theriault (Business Intelligence Manager)

Ryan D. McMullen (District Sales Manager Canada – New England, USA) - Staff Pics

Playing the 224ce-K DLX is so much fun. In addition to the unique looks of the Koa top and back, the guitar is easy to play and a great performer when plugged in. -Ryan D. McMullen (District Sales Manager Canada – New England, USA)

Alejandra Hernandez (Warehouse Clerk) - Staff Pics

The Academy 12e-N is one of the easiest nylon-string guitars I have ever played. Not only is the neck size perfect for someone like me who has smaller hands, but the way this guitar was crafted with the armrest feels like they had me in mind when creating it. I am in love with being able to hear a classic nylon-string tone that will always remind me of my dad, who taught me to play with his own nylon-string Taylor. – Alejandra Hernandez (Warehouse Clerk)

Amanda Wellons (Program Administrator) - Staff Pics

I’ve always loved my Baby Taylor! I picked mine up when I first started wanting to learn guitar and it was the perfect one for me. I don’t play shows or record songs much, but I do play a lot at home on my couch, and the Baby Taylor is perfect for that kind of thing. It’s definitely helped me become a better guitar player. – Amanda Wellons (Program Administrator)

The 317 is my pick because it doesn’t sound like any other Taylor. The Grand Pacific body is really worlds apart from what you’d expect from a Taylor in terms of sound, but it plays just as smoothly as any guitar we make. It’s just so rich and warm sounding. I’ve always liked dreadnoughts for their power, and this one keeps that, but gives you a whole range of sweetness that most dreadnoughts don’t. – Colin Griffith (Content Writer, Marketing Department)