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Music Womb

I’ve been a traveling musician for a few years now and have been looking for a guitar upgrade. My parents knew I loved the Taylor sound and bought me a brand new Taylor 214ce for Christmas. I was stoked! Such a rich- and full-sounding guitar with a beautiful tone. A short while later we got wonderful news: We were expecting our first child! We found out that we were having a boy. I had heard stories that babies can already hear sounds from the womb, so naturally I played my new Taylor guitar every night to my fiancé’s stomach in the hope that our son would love music just like his father!

Nine months later we got a surprise. It turns out that “he” was a “she” all along! Our beautiful daughter, Maila, was born on October 4. Playing guitar to her in the womb may have worked…she just loves when I play and sing to her! Here’s a picture of our Maila with our Taylor!

Since upgrading my guitar to a Taylor my music career has taken off. I’ve been an opening act for some national artists/bands such as Train and Chris Isaak and recorded a few singles that were successful on various local radio stations using my Taylor…truly a dream come true! Thank you for making such amazing guitars.

Submitted by: Mark Saito

Thank you for reading.