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“On My Deathbed” Contest Ends

“What ten albums couldn’t you live without?” was the question posed to readers of American Songwriter magazine in the publication’s “On My Deathbed” contest in the May/June edition. Readers were encouraged to submit their top ten albums in the hope of being selected as the winner of a Taylor SolidBody Classic.

After an editorial review of submissions, Sean Moran of Honolulu, Hawaii was selected as the winner based on his eclectic collection of rock. His choices included The Police’s Greatest Hits, The Replacements’ All For Nothing, Nothing For All, Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks, and David Wilcox’s Into The Mystery, to name a few.

Moran, a longtime Taylor acoustic player, (810ce, GC5) was thrilled to hear that a SolidBody Classic would be joining his Taylor collection. “I saw the email in my inbox and first ignored it as I figured it was just another announcement of someone else winning a contest. So imagine my surprise when I read it once, twice and realized I had won,” he shares. “I was in shock.”

As the winner, Moran will have the opportunity to build his SolidBody Classic through the company’s online SolidBody Configurator. The Classic, like other Taylor SolidBody models, is offered with a variety of ordering options that allow players to dial in their look and sound for their personal preferences. Among the options for the Classic are colors, pickguard styles, pickup configurations, and an optional tremolo bridge. Players can experiment with different looks online using Taylor’s new SolidBody Configurator.

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