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300 Series Special Editions: Shaded Edgeburst Tops, Plus 12-Fret, 12-String And Baritone Models

This fall we’re excited to produce a special run of vintage-look special edition models that sport a shaded edgeburst (SEB) mahogany top, featuring three distinctive guitar voices that have never been offered within the series: a Dreadnought 12-string, a Grand Symphony Baritone, and a Grand Concert 12-Fret. Rounding out the collection are cutaway and non-cutaway Grand Concert and Grand Auditorium models, a cutaway Grand Symphony, and a non-cutaway 6-string Dreadnought. Between the “old-soul” aesthetic and modern Taylor craftsmanship, these guitars promise to look, feel and sound great in your hands.

Darkness on the Edge of Brown

With its dusky, rich-grained complexion, a mahogany top projects an earthy look that is sonically well matched by its meaty, midrange-emphasized voice. The artful hand-application of a shaded edgeburst adds a subtle splash of sepia-hued visual warmth that enhances the natural character of the wood on these guitars. From there, simple appointments add workmanlike refinement without over-ornamentation. The solid black pickguard plays well with the ebony bridge and fretboard, along with the dark grain accents of the mahogany top. An all-satin finish brings a tastefully muted sheen that fits the rootsy vibe. White purfling around the body and rosette adds a crisp visual pop that highlights each model’s unique body contours. The end result is an all-around classic look with undeniable stage appeal.

Video: Watch a shaded edgeburst being sprayed >

12-String Dreadnought Power

Our special edition Dreadnought 360e-SEB blends a traditional body style with a uniquely compelling 12-string sound. The Dreadnought shape produces a robust voice with a powerful lower register, which adds authority to balance the 12-string’s naturally shimmering character. The sapele/mahogany wood pairing yields a clear, woody and dry midrange that’s especially emphasized with the mahogany top.

“The mahogany top has a unifying effect in the way it compresses the initial attack,” says Taylor master builder Andy Powers. “This helps balance the volume across the tonal spectrum. Players can expect an exceptionally clear and powerful 12-string sound with smooth string-to-string balance.”

Dreadnought 360e-SEB Details >

Baritone Bravado

Taylor’s baritone Grand Symphony guitars produce a husky voice (tuned from B to B) loaded with warmth, low-end richness, midrange growl, and treble presence. The lower register will appeal to singers with a lower vocal range, and the guitar’s voice adds a complementary acoustic texture for weaving bass lines with another acoustic guitar in a duo setting. The mahogany top on our 326e Baritone-SEB evens out the dark and woody character of the low end for a pleasantly balanced response across the tonal spectrum. If you crave a new tonal palette to reinvigorate your playing or songwriting, this may make an inspiring addition to your acoustic arsenal.

326e Baritone-SEB Details >

12-Fret Fun

The 322e 12-Fret-SEB packs plenty of player-friendly features into our compact Grand Concert body. Between the pairing of sapele with a mahogany top and the location of the bridge as part of the 12-fret design, players can expect plenty of warmth, midrange punch, and impressive projection for a smaller body. The 24-7/8-inch neck makes it easier to fret and bend strings, while the mahogany top can hold up to lively strumming, even with the smaller Grand Concert body size. Players can also count on a nicely focused and balanced tone across the frequency spectrum, making it a viable option for both solo and ensemble playing, and with the ES2 pickup, gigging and recording as well. Unique aesthetic touches include a slotted headstock and small diamond fretboard inlays rather than the dots found on the other special edition models.

322e 12-Fret-SEB Details >

Additional special edition 300 Series models include:

Grand Concert: 322-SEB, 322e-SEB, 322ce-SEB

Grand Auditorium: 324-SEB, 324e-SEB, 324ce-SEB

Grand Symphony: 326ce-SEB

Dreadnought: 320-SEB, 320e-SEB

For model availability near you, check with your local authorized Taylor dealer.

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