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A Song In A Day With Bend Sinister

“There’s nothing better for songwriting than being given constraints and saying by the end of two hours you’re gonna have a song here, and whatever it is, that’s what it is, right?” offers Dan Moxon from Bend Sinister, an indie rock band from Vancouver, Canada. The band was one of six acts to participate in a collaborative songwriting session at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, based on the popular web series SongCraft Presents, produced by Dubway Studios in New York City and presented in partnership with Acoustic Café, an independent syndicated radio network program.

The band was joined by SongCraft producer Ben Arthur to craft and record a song in just one day, and the end result was the catchy tune “Another Man’s Smile.” The song was built around a riff that Moxon (vocals/keys) had written months earlier while on vacation in Mexico, which was married to a story Arthur had heard about a retiree with ill-fitting dentures. On the song, Bend Sinister bandmates Matt Rhode (bass) and Joseph Blood (guitar) flesh out the melody as the song’s protagonist, an 80-year-old man, comes to terms with his twilight years.

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