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Andy Brown Ballad Appears on “Rookie Blue”

You may remember the multitalented Andy Brown as the winner of our Acoustic Test Drive 2010 contest. Andy, who had the chance to record earlier this year, recently wrote us to share that his rather haunting ballad, “Ashes,” would be featured in the ABC show Rookie Blue, set to air on Thursday, September 1. Brown tells us the song will lyrically narrate a scene in the show. “I think that the right music, the right actors and impeccable direction all lend to creating unforgettable moments on screen,” he says. “I’ve seen the clip and to hear ‘Ashes’ and see what’s happening in the scene, it’s overwhelming for me. I think people will have an emotional reaction when they experience this moment of script and sound. And it won’t feel real until I actually watch it on TV.”

“Many of Andy’s songs would work nicely in television and film,” explains Su Hutchinson, East Coast Music Association executive director, who was responsible for placing his song. “There’s a lot of heart behind those songs, and you can hear it in his voice. I think that is the reason why people connect with his music. This Thursday will be no exception.”

Brown was one of the five semi-finalists in Acoustic Test Drive 2010, hosted by Taylor, and Elixir Strings® to support emerging artists. You can check out Brown’s music by visiting his site.

Listen to “Ashes”:




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