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Ask Bob: Adjusting the Action on an NT Neck

Question: I’ve got a beautiful 814ce-LTD (spruce top with walnut back and sides) that I purchased new just over three years ago. When I bought the guitar I thought the action was a little high, but the sound of the instrument was too compelling to leave it in the shop. Three years later the sound is actually getting stronger, but I think the playability could be improved by adjusting the action. I’m wondering about the wisdom of having the saddle filed down versus having a new one made. There is a very good Taylor-authorized repair technician not too far away, who I’m sure could do either job, but before I go to him I’d be interested in your thoughts. 
Geordie Hendrie
Toronto, Ontario

Answer: Geordie, the great thing about your guitar is your NT neck. That neck can be reset to lower your action, and also be put back to where it is now. So experimentation is allowable. Your question is legit, and your idea has merit. I’ve actually suggested this setup for some people in the past who want a different feel. I’ve suggested that they tip their NT neck into the bridge and lower the saddle. So, go ahead and have the luthier do this for you and live happily ever after. And if one day you change your mind, or the next day you don’t like it, take it back to him and have him try something else. It’s the beauty of the NT neck.

Thank you for reading.