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Ask Bob: Pacific Northwest Humidity

Question: I live in the Pacific Northwest and I proudly own a 210ce. Since the humidity in my house never really drops below 60 percent, do I need to worry about a humidifier? Since the humidity can get into the 70 percent range, do I need a dehumidifier?
Russell Moser
Sedro-Woolley, WA

Answer: Russell, I drive through Sedro-Woolley every time I visit our spruce cutter. Did you know all our tops are cut from spruce trees right down Highway 20 from you, in Concrete? No, you don’t need to humidify your guitar living there. The only time you’d need to would be in the winter, when you heat your home, if that humidity drops below 40 percent, but it rarely does. Keep your guitar in its case and you’ll be fine. By the way, a Humidipak will also dehumidify, and if you tossed a couple of those in with your guitar, it would be a safe bet. An over-humidified guitar sounds “wet,” and it’s not too hard to imagine that you don’t want that.

Thank you for reading.