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Ask Bob: Thin-Body Nylon String Options

Which Guitars to Use Nylon Strings

Question: I own an NS62ce and I love it. However, I had rotator cuff surgery and the depth of my guitar is problematic. I tried a steel-string walnut T5 with its thin body. Sweet instrument, but steel-strings and my voice just don’t go together. I much prefer the sound of nylon. Do you have any thin body/thin neck acoustic/electric possibilities? Does the T5 work with nylon strings?
Linda Hurstad

Answer: Linda, I’m sorry, we don’t, and the T5 won’t work with nylon strings. My friend Robert Godin from Montreal makes some very nice guitars that would suit that need of yours. You should take a look at Godin. But remember us when your shoulder gets better.

Thank you for reading.