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Ask Bob: Why No Bigsby for the T5?

Question: As the owner of a 714ce and a 912c, I really like your guitars. My dream guitar for my jazz/swing gigs is a Gibson ES-330 with a Bigsby. I got excited when Taylor introduced the T3 and T5 models, because I thought I could get a Taylor thinline fully hollowbody [T5] guitar with a Bigsby vibrato. When I inquired about this with your custom shop, I was disappointed that it was not an option.
Why not?
Paul Metzger
Denton, TX

Answer: Paul, the “why not” question is the hardest of all questions to answer, because sometimes the answer is “because we don’t want to,” and that makes people think we’re arrogant and don’t care about them. But in this case, we don’t make a T5 with a Bigsby simply because we don’t want to; we don’t like the idea. We just can’t see a Bigsby with an acoustic guitar bridge like that on a T5. You can get it on a T3 because that makes sense; it’s part of the model, and you can buy it all day long. And it’s really cool.

Thank you for reading.