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Family Heirloom

After 38.94 years working for a company, my department was contracted out. I was old enough to retire, had a good 401K and Social Security as well, so I retired to my music hobbies. In all that time I had been a weekend musician, and in the later years my three sons took interest in playing music. We enjoyed 12-1/2 years of great fun, spending time playing music together in clubs, honky-tonks, weddings, private parties and anywhere we were asked to play. It was the best time of my life. After my sons grew up the band broke up, one son went off to the Gulf War, and the rest got old enough to leave the nest.

In 2011 I retired, and at the family reunion my kids presented me with a Taylor 615 that I had been looking at but never would have bought, and they knew it. It has unbelievable tone and playability, and the beauty of that guitar compared to my other guitars is really something (I own quite a few guitars). Every time I play my Taylor it reminds me of who bought the guitar for me and the feelings that are tied to it. I plan on building a carrying case that will go over the hard case, and it will have all my children’s names on it soon. Thank you for building such a great instrument. It will certainly be something that will be treasured in the family long after I am gone; I already have grandkids and great-grandkids that show an interest in music.

Submitted by: Bonifacio (Bodie) Dominguez Jr.


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