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FAQ: How should I clean or polish my guitar?

Q: How should I clean or polish my guitar?

A: Most store-bought guitar and automotive polishes will work fine on the glossy areas of our UV-finished guitars built after 1995. These polishes will also work well on older gloss-finish models. You may also simply use a clean, damp cloth to wipe down the surfaces and follow quickly with a clean, dry cloth. We do not recommend using any polish on non-gloss finishes. Instead, we recommend wiping the surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth. To clean the fingerboard, we use and recommend 0000 extra-fine steel wool. Simply rub the steel wool up and down the length of the fingerboard right over the tops of the frets. This will remove any grime from the fingerboard without damaging the wood and will also remove any oxidation from the frets, giving them a nice shine. Do not use furniture polishes on any of our guitars at any time, as they will likely damage the finish.  

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