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February Staff Picks: New Gear Fever

It’s time for another round of monthly Taylor Staff Picks! We’ve asked five employees from around the company to give us their favorite guitars for the month. February brings a fresh bevy of stunning new models, with revoiced body shapes like the Grand Symphony and Grand Orchestra getting big play. Here’s what our team is enjoying at the moment.

February Staff Picks

I love the Builder’s Edition 324ce because it represents our commitment to sustainability. The Urban Ash back and sides have a sound that is very similar to mahogany and comes from trees that could’ve grown right in our backyard. The [Grand Auditorium] shape is also versatile, so it responds well whether I’m fingerpicking or strumming. Combine that with the Builder’s Edition features (chamfered edges, Silent Satin finish and the beveled armrest and cutaway) and you’ve got a package that is both high-end and forward-thinking.

Jeff Miguel – Finance

Chris Sharp - Marketing - Staff Picks

Being a longtime employee here at Taylor, I’ve seen a ton of amazing guitars built within these walls. With that, my “favorite guitar” seems to change almost monthly. It’s no surprise to me that the Limited Edition 326ce Baritone-8, with its booming, low-end B to B sound and a bit of sparkle from the two octave-up strings in the midrange steals my attention. It’s incredibly fun to play and has such a unique sound. Though the baritone models are obviously not meant to be someone’s first guitar, they are absolutely worthy of being part of any player’s collection!

Chris Sharp – Marketing

I love the revoiced K26ce’s bright, airy, and clear tone, which goes well with my fingerstyle playing. I’m excited to hear how it’ll open up the more I play it. I also appreciate how Taylor is working toward more sustainable forestry for koa. I grew up in Hawaii, where items made with koa were ubiquitous, and being able to play this stunning all-koa guitar just brings everything full circle.

Sarah Sanqui – Marketing

I love the new 618e. With V-Class bracing now in the powerful Grand Orchestra body shape, it sounds amazing. The new Antique Blonde finish is stunning—a warm color that really highlights the maple figure. The new Mission inlay, made with shell and ivoroid, completes the guitar. I love the details on this one. The more you study and play this guitar, the more you love it.

Julie Henselmeier – Product Development

The first time I encountered the Builder’s Edition 816ce, I heard it before I saw it. Andy was playing it in a meeting – and initially, I thought the guitar was plugged in. But I quickly realized it wasn’t. All by itself, the guitar filled the room with lush, full tones which seemed to have an ever-so-subtle reverb-like effect. Frankly, words can’t really describe it. And that’s what I love about this guitar. I tell people, “You have to play it to believe it.” And once they do, their first reaction is usually something like, “Whoa, where is all that sound coming from?

Craig Evans – Marketing