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Koa, Cocobolo and Rosewood Anchor Fall Limiteds

Adding a fresh page to an annual tradition, Taylor Guitars has released its collection of 2011 Fall Limited Edition guitars. This year’s offerings present a bounty of beautiful tonewoods, featuring rich cocobolo, premium-grade koa, and time-honored Indian rosewood, along with a bevy of fresh inlay designs and value-added upgrades.

Anchoring the Fall LTDs are cocobolo and koa, two exceptional tonewoods with signature acoustic voices. Usually reserved for Taylor’s exclusive Presentation Series or Build to Order menu, cocobolo is paired with Sitka spruce tops on two models: the GA-LTD and the GS-LTD. Additional cocobolo touches include top edge trim, and a backstrap, offset by creamy maple binding. Gorgeous AA-grade koa distinguishes a quartet of all-koa limiteds, which feature a shaded edgeburst around the body and neck, and bound with rich rosewood. The koa LTDs are offered as the GA-LTD, GS-LTD or in a pair of 12-Fret GA and GC models, and with an option of an optional Engelmann spruce top.  Both the koa and cocobolo LTDs feature Taylor’s premium CV bracing for sweet, responsive tone and a Venetian cutaway.

Inspired by the visual aesthetics of the cocobolo and koa they selected, Bob Taylor and senior luthiers Larry Breedlove and Andy Powers embraced a wood-rich appointment scheme, incorporating laser-cut cocobolo, koa, and boxwood into new rosette and fretboard inlay designs.The cocobolo LTDs feature a rosette of cocobolo and contrasting boxwood in an S-curve design, and a new Split Diamond fretboard inlay in boxwood. The koa LTDs also boast detailed appointments that include a rosette motif similar to the cocobolo series, but with a wood pairing of koa and boxwood. The same woods are used for Taylor’s intricate Engraved Twist fretboard inlay, a fresh take on a well-loved design.

Not be outdone, players who crave rosewood’s classic tone and are looking for exceptional value will be drawn to the 400 Series and Nylon Series Limiteds. The 400 Series LTDs feature Indian rosewood back and sides and a Sitka spruce top, with bonus appointments that include a Small Diamond fretboard inlay and gold tuners. Four models are available: a 410ce-LTD, 412ce-LTD, 414ce-LTD or 416ce-LTD. In a twist, Taylor’s rosewood laminate NS24 receives a top swap to feature solid cedar, which adds extra warmth to nylon’s evocative tone. The guitars are offered either as an NS24ce or a non-cutaway NS24e.

The cocobolo, koa and rosewood 400 Series limiteds come equipped with Taylor Expression System® electronics and in a hardshell case, while the nylon-string limiteds come in a hardshell bag with Taylor’s ES-N® pickup. To learn more about the 2011 Fall Limiteds or to find an Authorized Taylor dealer near you, please visit

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