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“Me & My Taylor” Photo Contest

After clicking through the more than 800 entries that poured in as part of the “Me & My Taylor” photo contest, our panel of judges, led by Bob Taylor, selected Jennifer T.’s photo, “A Compliment to Hannah’s Inspiration,” as the Grand Prize winner. Depicting a young girl with her Taylor in hand and scribbling lyrics, the photo speaks to the soul of singer-songwriters everywhere. “When I saw this photograph it was my instant favorite, and I think we all agreed here at Taylor Guitars,” Bob shared after selecting the shot as the winner. “I think we can all relate to the story it tells. Personally, my goal as a guitar maker has always been to simply help people in their musical pursuits. This photo captures that.”

Five finalists also were selected in the contest. They included Tiffany C. with her photo, “Duet,” which pictures a happy young couple sharing some guitar time. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words,” says Bob. “What can I say about this amazing photo except that it’s amazing.”

Finalist Louis F.’s photo, “Simple Happiness,” was also chosen. It depicts an around-the-fire jam with big smiles and a good-time vibe. “This isn’t an easy photograph to take,” notes Bob, an avid photographer himself. “It’s got flavor, all kinds of flavor.”

Other finalists include “The Reason,” submitted by Chad C, which pictures a father at the helm of his 814ce with his little boy singing into a microphone. “I’d like this photograph on my wall,” Bob says. “It’s cool and adorable at the same time. I wish I took that photo. I wanna hear that little boy sing. Is he on YouTube?”

Jason H. also made the cut with his entry, “Life’s Most Important Battles Need Spiritual Firepower.” “I love this picture, especially after having just returned from a visit to Iraq,” Bob reflects. “It’s message-rich and makes you think about a lot of stuff.” The photo features a group of soldiers embraced in prayer with weapons, save for the chaplain, who is holding a bible and has a guitar strapped to his back.

Stephen N. also earned a place as a finalist with a shot titled “Holy Taylor,” in which he and his Taylor pose in a field with cows in the background. “This shot could totally be an ad or a poster for Taylor Guitars,” Bob says. “It’s beautiful and grabs your attention and makes you wish you were there. I love it when a photographer has the nerve to saturate a picture like this.”

As the Grand Prize winner, Jennifer T. will receive a Sony Cyber-shot® TX5 digital camera and a Taylor Guitars prize pack, which includes a Baby Taylor® guitar and other Taylor swag. Her photo will be featured in an upcoming edition of Taylor’s quarterly publication, Wood&Steel. All five finalists will receive a Taylor Guitars prize pack, along with honorable mentions in Wood&Steel, and will be prominently featured on the Taylor Guitars Facebook page.

Congratulations to all the Taylor-strumming shutterbugs out there who entered the “Me & My Taylor” photo contest. Be sure to find us on Facebook and Twitter and send us your favorite “Me & My Taylor” shots.

A Compliment to Hannah’s Inspiration


Simple Happiness

The Reason

The Reason

Spiritual Firepower

Holy Taylor


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