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Memorial Day Weekend

Today is Saturday, May 29, Memorial Day Weekend and it’s warm outside. There’s people in the pool and the smoker is full of chicken. I plan to hang out for a couple more days like this.

I thought I’d just mention that you could visit Zac Brown’s website, and check out his new video “Free” which he released just in time for Memorial Day. It was shot on our trip to Iraq.

You know how it is when you go on a trip and you come home with your photos and put them in iPhoto, find a good song and make a slide show, then call your friends and show them your trip? Well, I do that too, but this time, I got a video that plays on TV, that’s way better then my slide show. Now that is sooooo cool. I mean, this new video of Zac’s is my trip! Crazy huh? Give it a look, it’s a great way to remember our troop this Memorial Day.


Thank you for reading.