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SolidBody Classic Earns a WIHO Award

In their recent review of a customized SolidBody Classic on, writers Scott Kahn and John Quigley were impressed with the guitar’s playability and sound, prompting them to honor the model with the website’s WIHO (“Wish I Had One”) award.

Kahn, who had reviewed the SolidBody line of guitars back in 2008, decided to give Taylor’s online SolidBody Configurator a try and came away with a Sage Green Metallic model with three noiseless single coil pickups and a tremolo bridge. The guitar’s features, Kahn notes, are “flawless,” specifically the sleek Taylor bridge, which he writes “you just can’t wait to rest the heel of your palm on.” Both Kahn and Quigley were “extremely impressed and intrigued” with the safety aspects of the guitar, particularly the Fused String Ground, a feature in all Taylor guitars, which protects musicians from electrical shock in amplified settings with improper electrical ground.

Once the duo had the chance to plug in and play, they discovered a variety of “vintage tones sure to satisfy the old-school guitarist,” but that also will “appeal to modern players looking to create their own voice.” They found the tones “amazingly clean and pristine, providing brilliance and sparkle to the overall spectrum,” adding that “notes sustained and bloomed, and there were loads of ‘double tones’ and harmonic swell.”

Kahn and Quigley leave players with a strong recommendation for considering a Taylor SolidBody as their next purchase. “Taking into consideration the craftsmanship of the instruments and all the advanced technology and design, not to mention Taylor’s obvious attention to detail, you would be well advised to check these guitars out when it’s time for your next acquisition.”

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