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SolidBody Slingin’ with Brian Vodinh of 10 Years

With Taylor’s electric guitar line in full bloom, it’s always fun when a rocker stops by the factory, as Brian Vodinh of the alt-metal band 10 Years did last week. As a SolidBody-slinging guitarist, part-time drummer (he drums on the band’s studio tracks), and key creative force behind the band,Vodinh was stoked to spend a good chunk of his day off — the band is currently out on the road with Hollywood Undead and promoting their fourth studio album, Feeding the Wolves — with his guitar tech Noah touring the birthplace of his many Taylor models. Along the way he even caught a glimpse of a SolidBody he had ordered and that was in production — a Standard Double Cutaway in Gaslamp Black. During the visit, Vodinh talked about the band’s sound, broke down some cool guitar licks in a brief video shoot, and even had a chance to preview a few top-secret products with Taylor luthier Andy Powers.

Vodinh packs an impressive Taylor arsenal for the road, including a 616ce, K24ce and five SolidBody Classics in a variety of configurations, including two High Definition mini humbuckers, two High Gain, two High Definition, two Taylor Vintage Alnicos, and a single High Gain humbucker, but he tells us that due to their versatility and ability to “cater to every string,” the High Definition mini humbuckers are his favorite. “We have so many different tunings, there’s literally a different voice for every song,” he explains. “Certain songs have certain sounds, and you need something unique and special to cater to it. I recently wrote a song in a tuning that you have to cater to every string and register on the guitar in order for the voicing of the chords to work and translate. Normally, I’d play this on an acoustic, but I tried [my SolidBody] electric one time with these mini humbuckers, and the definition they provide, the amount of voicing that cut through the mix and don’t get lost or muddy, actually shocked me.”

In a recent blog post, the band announced their intention to invite fans to participate in the making of their music video for “Fix Me.” Fans can submit a video of themselves riffing on air guitar, singing, dancing or expressing themselves in any creative way they like. To learn more, or for the complete list of rules and regulations visit or see our own recent post here.

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