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Songwriting Spree

I have been a Taylor guitar owner now for over three years. I have always loved playing the guitar, and also writing poetry and songs. However, consistency has been my angst. I would at times wonder why I wasn’t writing much at all, even though I might have a guitar around. I would play for a bit, experiment with different chords and rhythms, hoping something of a song would come to me. I love to write poetry regarding my love for Jesus and what He was doing in my life, but the ability to put it to song was eluding me. 

Most people might think, as I did, that the guitar couldn’t be the issue. After all, don’t all guitars basically sound the same? And aren’t those high prices due for the most part to aesthetics and name brand? But when my low-budget guitar started suffering from humidity issues, I began to do some research on guitar care (I knew very little at that point), which led to learning more about guitar construction. With a little more insight I began visiting guitar stores and playing around with a variety of makes. I had a friend who owned a Taylor, so I played those as well. Indeed, not all guitars are made the same. As I continued to research the different makes and models, playing them more and reading tons of reviews, I finally settled on trying to buy a Taylor.

Being a family man with a modest income I knew I couldn’t just take the dive out of nowhere. Funds were lacking, but I didn’t want to settle for second-best this time. I would wait. A short time later the Lord blessed my wife and I with a generous financial gift. My wife and I really wanted to use it in some way for ministry. We tossed around some ideas and settled on a couple. We had enough to divide into a couple of uses. I was already playing at our church, so she graciously gave me the “OK” to buy a new DN3.

After we bought it from the guitar shop I wanted to play immediately. I was definitely like a kid with a new toy. So, while she went shopping, I stayed outside to strum to my heart’s content. It wasn’t long and the songs started coming. Previous to owning my Taylor I had written one serious song. Since that purchase I have a total of 57 songs with 44 currently registered copyrighted.

Does the make of guitar matter? I say a hearty “YES!” When I hear that Taylor tone, and play with that comfortable feel on the neck and fretboard, I have found more ability to put my words and thoughts to music. I now own a GS8e, and the songs keep coming. Many thanks to Bob, Kurt, and the rest of the gang at Taylor Guitars for providing such awesome instruments that literally makes me sing!

Submitted by: Mike West

Thank you for reading.