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Taylor Guitars Announces a Special Evening with Andy Powers

EL CAJON, Calif. – May 12, 2015 –  Taylor Guitars is pleased to announce a special evening with the company’s Master Guitar Designer, Andy Powers. In this two night, two country event, Powers will be on hand to share his design philosophy and approach, share the guitar maker’s purpose and response in the design of new guitars, and offer his perspective on materials, including wood and the company’s role in the future of tonewoods, and connect with players and their pressing questions.

Powers will also be sharing the company’s new, award-winning and highly-sought after, 800 and 600 Series models. In 2014, Powers redesigned the 800 Series to include a variety of tone enhancing refinements, including new bracing, thin finish, use of protein glues and body size calibrated thicknesses on the sides and backs. Earlier this year, Powers applied the same customized approach to the 600 Series, offering a variety of tone enhancing elements, including a special roasting process (torrefaction) for the Sitka spruce top, a premium hand-rubbed color finish, and the design advancements found in the 800 Series, resulting in a warmer, sweeter voice for a maple guitar than ever before.

The first event will be held in the UK at GuitarGuitar Epsom on Wednesday, May 27 and the second, at Musikhaus Herman on Thursday, May 28. Additional details are included below.

Wednesday 27 May 19:00

GuitarGuitar Epsom

6 Capitol Square / Church Street

Epsom, Surrey KT17 4NY United Kingdom


Thursday 28 May 19:00

Musikhaus Hermann

Gymnasiumstraße 288400

Biberach an der Riß, Germany

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