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The GS Mini: (Re)Discover This Small Sonic Wonder

It’s portable, playable and sonically packs a punch. We’re talking about the Taylor GS Mini, which has become one of the world’s most popular acoustic guitars.

Nearly fifteen years ago, Bob Taylor designed the Mini as a guitar that could pick up where the Baby Taylor—our travel-friendly, three-quarter-sized dreadnought—left off. People loved the Baby’s sub-compact proportions, which made it a great starter guitar for kids or a utility instrument for songwriters and other music makers on the go. But they craved a guitar that had a fuller, more robust voice, especially in the lower register, without giving up the ultra-portability. And Bob delivered.

How does this little wonder pack so much sound into its compact frame?

At the core of the GS Mini’s charm is its scaled-down Grand Symphony body shape. It’s bigger and deeper than the Baby, but still comfortably compact. The soundhole is also the same diameter as a full-sized guitar, so both the volume and fullness of sound are impressive. The string scale length (the length of the strings measured from the nut to the saddle) is longer than the Baby but shorter than a full-sized guitar, preserving the inviting, accessible feel when playing.

On The Road Again?

The GS Mini is ideal for musicians on the go. The lightweight carrying case that comes with it features backpack straps, and it fits in the overhead compartment of a plane. It also won’t eat up too much space in a car or SUV. If you’re on a road trip with friends and someone else is driving, you can work on your next masterpiece or strum your favorite tunes.

It’s also just the right size for passing around a campfire or kicking back on your couch at home.

Checking out the GS Mini for the first time? There are an array of models for you to explore. We’re sure there’s one that fits your playing style, tonal tastes and visual aesthetic. There’s even a GS Mini Bass!

The choice of tonewoods plays a key role in shaping the GS Mini’s character, both visually and sonically. Whether it’s the warmth of mahogany, the crisp, dynamic resonance of spruce, or the exotic allure of koa, each option offers a unique sonic palette. And every model is crafted with a solid-wood top, ensuring that each strum or pluck delivers vibrant, full-bodied tone.

Comparing Two GS Mini Favorites: GS Mini-e Koa Plus vs. GS Mini Sapele

GS Mini-e Koa Plus

This gorgeous GS Mini sports a beautiful solid Hawaiian koa top, layered koa back and sides, and other premium (“Plus”) touches that set it apart within the GS Mini family. The hardwood koa top helps produce a vibrant, punchy tone with plenty of power. Standout features include:

  • A hand-sprayed shaded edgeburst top, back and sides to enhance koa’s natural visual beauty
  • An upgrade to our ES2 acoustic electronics, which captures more of a guitar’s dynamic properties and includes an onboard preamp for EQ control
  • Our lightweight but super-resilient AeroCase

GS Mini Sapele

A solid spruce top paired with layered sapele back and sides add up to a bold and responsive voice with a broad dynamic range. Offered as a pure acoustic guitar without a pickup, it’s the most accessibly priced model in the GS Mini Series. Notable details include:

  • It makes a fantastic entry-level guitar that will perform well for years
  • The hand-friendly neck makes it fun and inviting to play
  • Comes with a structured gig bag
  • Available at an exceptional price until January 15, 2024 with our Get One, Gift One
    Holiday Event

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