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Tyler Shea Wins “Test Drive Electric” Contest

Singer-songwriter Tyler Shea from Halifax, Nova Scotia has been selected as the winner of “Test Drive Electric,” a contest for emerging artists sponsored by Taylor Guitars, Elixir Strings and Shea, who has made a name for himself with his soulful vocals, engaging songs, and prolific gigging, emerged as the popular vote leader from the nearly 1,000 acts who entered the contest. Other finalists included the bands Crash Coordinates, Evaline, Fairfax, and Shot Heard Around the World.

Upon hearing the news, Shea was humbled, especially considering that he’s primarily an acoustic artist. “When I first entered the contest, I had no expectations at all, especially since it was ‘Test Drive Electric,'” he says. “But I thought to myself, there’s no harm in trying, right? When I got the first e-mail saying I was selected as a top-5 finalist, I was overwhelmed. I’m sure I checked the Taylor Guitars website every hour of every day, to see if I fell out of first place.”

In 2006, the Tyler Shea Band released the six-song EP, Redfish, which is available for download from Shea’s website, In 2010, Shea released his debut solo album, Paper Hearts, which is also available through his site.

Shea’s contest winnings include a Taylor SolidBody electric guitar, strings and cables from Elixir, and a Crybaby Wah pedal and Max Grip Nylon Picks from Dunlop. Shea will also have the chance to show off his new gear and musical prowess in a free recording session at a world-class music studio, and will enjoy a paid performance slot at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, “The World’s Largest Music Festival.”

For this ascending talent, winning the contest and reaping the exposure it offers him is a dream come true. “Having the opportunity to play at a festival like Summerfest, in a country other than my own, is amazing,” Shea says. “I can’t wait to start recording a new album.”

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