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Under My Skin

I wasn’t planning to buy a Taylor. Instead, I was simply trying to replace my old Fender that I’d played for nearly 20 years. But when I was in the music store, I asked the salesperson, “OK, so let’s assume I want to step up with my guitar rather than just stepping sideways. What would you recommend?”

He stepped behind the counter and placed what is now my Taylor 114ce in my hands. I took one strum and was hooked. I couldn’t believe the difference in tone. Everything I played sounded richer and fuller. My wife, who knows nothing of guitars, could also tell the difference — it was that obvious.

My Taylor is now my baby. It’s my favorite guitar. Ever. To date, I still haven’t played anything with the same feel and the same tone. In fact, I designed a tattoo for my forearm with my Taylor 114ce as the centerpiece (photo attached).

Keep making great guitars, Taylor.

Submitted by: Jim Streisel

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