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What is the Value of my Guitar?

Guitar Value

Question: What is my Guitar Value? Bob, some pre-war Martins are very much sought after. Do you think some Taylor guitars might be the same someday? Or do you think advances like the NT neck make newer Taylors more desirable compared to their vintage guitar counterparts?

Answer: Dave, I would never think an early Taylor is anywhere near as wonderful as a pre-war Martin. My “pre-whatever” guitars could be called “pre-knowing what you’re doing!” Remember, Martin had nearly 100 years of experience by then, so I wouldn’t flatter myself. That said, our early guitars are pretty nice. I’ve played lots of them. An early Taylor might be collectable one day, but I can’t in good conscience make any claim that would put them up against a pre-war Martin. Now, if you want to talk about new guitars, I’m pretty proud about those.

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