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Working on an 810 from 1976

Today in the Customer Service Center, we’re working on a Taylor 810 from 1976, which was one of the guitars Bob and Kurt built during the year the company made the switch from being the Westland Music Company to Taylor Guitars. As a year of firsts, 1976 also marked the first year we began the numbering system to denote model types and started using Indian rosewood across the line. The guitar is also one of the first to have a bolt-on neck joint, which we continued to use through 1999 before switching to Taylor’s proprietary New Technology® (NT) neck design. To service this guitar, we’ll be stabilizing it at an optimum humidity level of 44%, resetting the neck, replacing and dressing frets, and giving it a good all-around cleanup. You can learn more about our Customer Service department by visiting or calling us at 800-943-6782.

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