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Ask Bob: High-strung Guitar Setup

Question:  I have been using Nashville tuning (the higher set from a 12-string used on a six) on a cheap guitar and want to improve the sound to use it seriously. I tried it on my 614ce but was disappointed, as I have to attack too hard to get it to come to life, which is not ideal for fingerstyle, and it lacks some of the “sparkle” that I want. Another problem is that the pickup balance is particularly strong on the middle two strings as I go up the neck. As I cannot really ask my local store to restring several guitars, I was wondering if you have come across this before and can recommend a model and setup that would work better.
Mike Smith
Lincoln, England

Answer: Mike, I have a simple solution. The GS Mini. It’s cheap, sounds great, and is perfect for your needs. Do it! Experiment with string gauge, so not to be too light, but it’ll work. 

Thank you for reading.