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Ask Bob: Tenor Guitars

Question: Have you ever considered producing a tenor guitar? There is a resurgence in their popularity, and several are now in production. I have a GS Mini that I have strung with four strings and tuned GDAE, and it sounds better than any of my other tenors. I would love to add a Taylor tenor to my collection.

Answer: Steve, to be funny but also honest, that’s a model we call a good idea until the 12 people who want one buy it. Now, don’t be offended or write the editor, because he works for me. But that’s our inside way of saying that we don’t believe the market is big enough. If you remember, for our 35th anniversary we produced limited numbers of all those kinds of guitars that had been requested. A few winners came out that we still make, like the 12-Fret GC, or the 8-string baritone, which was an accident based on the requested 6-string baritone. Also, in our estimation, the GS Mini price tag would be what most people want. Maybe one day we could turn the Mini into a limited run of tenors, as you’ve experienced yours to be really good.

Thank you for reading.