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Forced Fingerstyle

In the summer of 2007 I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle. I broke both of my wrists and pulled my left arm out of its socket at the elbow. Six months after the wreck, a screw was put in my right wrist due to the bone where my thumb connects not healing properly. Due to these injuries, I couldn’t play [guitar] with a pick and was forced to learn to fingerpick — this was a bad but also pivotal point in my guitar playing. By learning to fingerpick, I opened the door to a whole new dimension of guitar playing and styles I had never explored. I spent the next year learning to play everything I could with just my fingers, and now, even after I’ve healed enough to play with a pick again, I feel that the wreck pushed me into new areas and encouraged me to continue to explore; I am forever changed as a musician. I attribute my ease of transition to my first Taylor guitar — the sound and feel were amazing! I was actually inspired to play and explore more due to this wonderful new instrument. My first Taylor was a 414ce. Since then, I’ve purchased six other Taylor guitars, from a Baby to a Spring 2011 walnut LTD. Each instrument has brought a new palette which I can draw upon for inspiration and flavorful new changes to old recipes.

Submitted by: Brent Shinn

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